It’s time for the Fall 2014 zine! This semester’s topic, chosen by our members, is Sexual Mythology. Society creates many myths about women and sex. Tell us about the myths you’ve heard and what they mean to you!

Poetry, essays, art, photography, rants, and more!

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Deadline: November 24th

*Submissions must be from female identified individuals or depict feminine experiences.

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Corn-Row Paintings by So Yoon Lyn

In honor of yesterday’s meeting topic, hair 


Beautiful drawing with an inspirational quote! 

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Anonymous asked: There is a sexual assault PROBLEM on this campus. This is an issue that we, as students, are facing RIGHT NOW, and you all would rather talk about fetishes? About first times and dressing up and o-faces? I mean, seriously? We are all facing a year where, in less than two months, there have been several sexual assaults. That's an issue that DIRECTLY impacts female sexuality, and you're going to waste your time and funding on talking about shallow issues? I'm extremely disappointed in Lips.

Full Message: 

I attended your meeting today, and I have to say, I was extremely disappointed and will not be returning. First, the fact that men are allowed to attend a so called “safe space” for women to discuss female sexuality is ridiculous. Second, what on earth is the “Masculinity Committee,” and why does that need a place in a club like Lips? Third, during the meeting, one of the officers literally cut off a girl who was talking to give a MAN time to speak. The club is about women, let women speak.

Lastly, and most importantly, there was a girl who suggested a VERY GOOD theme for a zine. She said that we should make it about the horror stories that people have had trying to report sexual assault to the administration, and instead of even entertaining that idea as a theme for your zine for the semester, you wrote it off saying that there’s no way you could put out two zines. How does that idea not even enter your mind as something to make the semester zine about? The fact that you would rather make your zine for the semester about fetishes than about horror stories that people have had about reporting sexual assault to the administration is disgusting.

There is a sexual assault PROBLEM on this campus. This is an issue that we, as students, are facing RIGHT NOW, and you all would rather talk about fetishes? About first times and dressing up and o-faces? I mean, seriously? We are all facing a year where, in less than two months, there have been several sexual assaults. That’s an issue that DIRECTLY impacts female sexuality, and you’re going to waste your time and funding on talking about shallow issues? I’m extremely disappointed in Lips.

Officer Response: 

We are deeply sorry that you have not found LIPS to be a safe space for you. We do our best to address any concerns that our members may have, and we are extremely responsive to members coming to us with any issues they may face. That being said, we hope that in the future you would be willing to come discuss these issues with us after a meeting instead of anonymously messaging our tumblr. These issues are important to us, and we want to do everything we can to correct any problems. We understand if you were not comfortable speaking to us in person, but in the future we hope you can work with us to better the club for yourself and other members.

We would like to address some of the concerns you mentioned. First, you mentioned being uncomfortable with men being present at the meeting. We would like to reaffirm that LIPS is a club about female sexuality and empowerment, therefore we only allow female-identified or gender queer individuals to serve as officers or to contribute to the zine. However, we do believe that having male allies that support our mission and carry it into their own spaces is extremely valuable. We have several dedicated male members, and we believe it is important to foster a conversation about women’s issues that also involves people of other genders. That being said, we are always conscious of LIPS being a female-led space, and we make sure to monitor the conversation in order to keep women from being spoken over or interrupted. We are sorry if you felt that we allowed a man to cut a woman off while she was speaking. It is difficult to monitor a conversation with that many people, and we try to give each person a chance to speak. It is never our intention to interrupt anyone, and we would be happy to address this if you ever feel that this is not occurring.

As for our Male Outreach Committee, it seems clear to us from your message that you have only attended one meeting, and therefore may not have all the relevant information about this committee. We began the committee this year in response to the clear need on our campus to redefine masculinity and address the extremely heteronormative, hyper-masculine ideals that many of our community’s men adhere to. The Male Outreach Committee is meant to support our mission of female empowerment, and bring that idea into male spaces so that we may, in turn, have more allies and spread the work we do as a club. We also have other committees for each event we put on, as well as a social committee and a public relations/art committee (all female-led).

We would also like to address your concerns about the zine. As a non-university funded organization, we have little money to do large projects like the zine, and therefore simply cannot afford to make more than one zine per semester. It seems to us that perhaps you have not read our zines before and therefore may not have knowledge on what our zines are all about (you can find them on our tumblr though!). The zines very frequently have submissions having to do with sexual assault and rape, and while this semester we may not have chosen to make the zine solely about that, ending violence against women is one of the main goals of LIPS, and we do several events each year that focus on this issue. We are extremely aware of the sexual assault problem on campus, as our campus has faced this every semester. LIPS regularly fosters discussions about this, we hold a Sexual Assault Survivor panel each year, and we have our own Slut Walk to protest rape culture each Spring. It is unfortunate that you do not see our hard work as valuable on campus, when we are one of the only clubs that gives this outlet to women and works directly to combat rape culture on campus. We also do events that work to raise awareness about slut-shaming, as well as the gender and race wage gap.

Finally, we would like to reiterate that a large part of LIPS is giving women a space to talk about their sex lives. In many cases, our members and women in general do not have a space like this  anywhere else in their lives or in society as a whole. It is extremely important to give women a space to redefine and discuss sexuality on their own terms, and the simple act of discussing sexuality can be extremely empowering for many women. Our meetings are largely devoted to this, but we also spend a lot of time planning events and discussing social justice issues. 

Again, we are extremely sorry to hear that your experience at LIPS was not a positive one. If you are disappointed with what LIPS has to offer, we would love for you to propose a new event to address the issues that most interest you. We always encourage our members to think of new, creative, awareness-raising events for us to take on as a club. As officers, we are here to monitor discussion and help facilitate events, but our members are who drive the club and make many decisions together. We would love for you to be a part of that, and we hope you can take your criticisms and use them as motivation to take the club to a new level, and we will do our best to help you address the needs of women that you see on campus.

We hope that you give LIPS another chance. We would be more than happy to meet with you personally to address all of these concerns, because we only want to serve our members and the female population at ASU to the best of our ability. We take criticisms seriously, and we do our best to better the club and our behavior as officers accordingly. As officers, we plan to bring up some of these concerns in our next meeting to ensure the safety, comfort, and experience of our members, as well as re-emphasize that we want our members to not be afraid to speak up if they ever have any concerns about the way the club is run.

We encourage you to come back, as we value your voice and your experience.


LIPS officers

Amelia, Elizabeth, Amy, Desiree, and Kelsey

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I signed up during the club expo but I still haven't gotten an email about a meeting...? Have you guys not had a first meeting or did I miss it?

Hi There, I am SO sorry about this! The most likely reason you didn’t make it onto the email list is because I couldn’t read your email, or made a typo. I truly apologize. If you could email me your name and email address at I will add you to the list straight away. We have met twice, but there will be lots of great meetings coming up every Monday at 7pm. Again, I apologize and will add you to the list ASAP. In case you’re interested we also have a facebook page at Thanks for your patience with us, and I look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon!


LIPS Secretary

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freakflag333 asked: Hey guys, I'm a student at App but I missed the club expo. When is your first meeting?

Hi there, Thanks for your interest! The first meeting will likely be Monday August 25th at 7pm, but we’re still trying to nail down a room. Are you on our email list? If not I am happy to add you, that way you will get all the up to date info on our meetings. You can also find us on facebook, just search for LIPS Appstate. Thanks!

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testimonial. fashion is armor.

I don’t get caught up in cult of personality often, but damn, Rihanna is just next level. This is pure fire.

This is so excellent. I love these words, Rihanna you’re amazing.

YES! LIPS loves you, no matter what is underneath your clothes, or even on them. Represent YOURSELF, however you can and want to. We want to hear you, whether its with your badass haircut, your amazing thoughts, your bangin’ outfit, or whatever you got. You got somethin, and we alllllll need to experience it. Nobody can beat you, bein you.



a lotta boys need to learn this lesson harder. listen to the man, dude.

This is how to be a male feminist - heck, this is how to be an ‘ally’ to any marginalised group - listen to the experiences of others and learn instead of talking over the top of us with your personal thoughts on issues which you will never face.

Anonymous asked: Hello! I am currently a junior in high school residing in PA, and I am very interested in majoring in gender and women's studies. I went to Appalachian's open house a few weeks back and I loved it!! I was wondering if you have any input on how this program is run, and what activities surrounding issues pertaining to feminism are found on campus. Thanks!! (:

Awesome! We love the parts of Appalachian that work toward a more inclusive and safe environment for all of its students. LIPS is honored to be a part of that journey forward, and with other organizations we improve each year.

LIPS focuses specifically on improving the lives of women and female-identified individuals on campus and in the larger community. We believe in giving these people a safe space to redefine what their femininity means to them (see more about us here). We do so through our weekly meetings and our bi-annual zine (see more on our zines here). However, LIPS is just one part of a large community that works to make campus a safer space for everyone.

Other spaces and organizations on campus are:

The Women’s Center: located in the Student Union, the Women’s Center seeks to create and promote opportunities for women on campus.
The LGBT Center: located in the Student Union, the LGBT center strives to be a resource and safer space for/to all LGBT and allied individuals.
The Multicultural Center: located in the Student Union, the Multicultural Center promotes a diverse campus while creating opportunities for minority students.
Black Student Association: the BSA seeks to create a community for all black students and advocate for a better, safer future for other black students.
Minority Men’s and Women’s Leadership Circle: these two clubs create an environment that engages minority students by giving them opportunities to become leaders. LIPS and MWLC co-sponsor a bi-annual Pay Equity Bakesale that seeks to raise awareness about the pay gap and job equity (see more about our events here).
Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA): a club designed to be a space for all identities to express themselves safely to promote a more unified campus.
TransAction: a club for all those who identify under the trans umbrella and those who want to improve the lives of students who do.


In terms of the women’s and gender studies department, I personally have had some amazing classes with some amazing teachers. The department also pulls in some amazing speakers, such as Angela Davis in 2012 and Carol Adams in 2013.  |  IMAGE: feminist theorist and animal studies scholar, Carol Adams, and former treasurer Rachel Clay become BFFs while discussing Adams’ book Neither Man Nor Beast.  

That being said, no campus, university, or administration is perfect. App has its flaws and has room for improvement, like any other. That’s why we need more participation from our current student body and from rising students like yourself to seek out App!

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